Peru Sacred Journey with the Shamans:

Sacred Valley Itinerary: August 24-31

When booking your own international and domestic flights to Peru. Most individuals fly from their home city to Lima, Peru and then from Lima to Cusco, Peru. If you arrive before the starting date of the trip, you will be responsible for your own taxi transfers, hotel accommodations, meals, etc. before the trip starts.

Flights Only for Retreat : *MACHU PICCHU & SACRED VALLEY RETREAT* August 24-31. (8 days, 7 nights) Take an international flight from where you are in your home country to Lima, Peru - From there go through customs and recheck bags for your Domestic flight Lima to Cusco, Peru to arrive on the first day by noon, and return anytime on the 31st or later - Cusco to Lima, Lima to home.

Be sure you pick up your bags and go through customs for an additional check in to new domestic carrier. Lima to Cusco - you will be greeted and picked up at Cusco airport (it is a very small airport, once you receive your bags walk outside to the taxi / pick-up area. You will be greeted for the beginning of your life altering retreat.

You will be met at airport by 1:00 PM CST to take our group bus transfer to hotel in Sacred Valley. Should your flight arrive after this time please advise us and we can arrange for your transportation which you would be responsible to pay driver direct.