Peru Sacred Journey with the Shamans:

Sacred Valley Itinerary: August 24-31, 2021

Day 0

Monday, August 23rd

Book all travel to depart for Peru. Most flights are overnight and arrive early morning the following day.

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Day 1

Tuesday, August 24th

Arrive from Lima to Cusco. You are to arrive at the Cusco airport before 1pm. You will be greeted at the Cusco Airport by Wilkka Tikka staff for your transportation to the retreat center. Rest and relax from your journey. Acclimate and enjoy the energy of the Sacred Valley. Evening itinerary review.

Meet the Shamans and Opening Fire Ceremony.

Shaman Energy Healing Sessions |John Whitehorse

Day 2

Wednesday, August 25th

Archeological site visit to “Temple of the Falcon” in Pisaq – Walk into the amazing ruins of Pisaq, then after this tour we will find one of the best markets for shamanic tools, jewelry, art and more textiles.

Afternoon and Evening Open for Private Sessions with Peru Shaman

Shaman Energy Healing Sessions |John Whitehorse

Day 3

Thursday, August 26th

Journey to Quillarumiyoq, explore this sacred, secluded area and power of the “Moonstone”, and receive high Mountain rites from the Q’ero shamans.

Afternoon and Evening Open for Private Sessions with Peru Shaman

Peru Shamanic Healing Retreat

Day 4

Friday, August 27th

We take the magical window rooftop train ride to Machu Picchu for a short guided historical tour, with ample time to explore first-hand why this ancient site is one of the 7 wonders of the world.

Peru Spiritual Shamanic Training

Day 5

Saturday, August 28th

Visit Maras Salt Mines and Moray. Explore the ancient wisdom of the Incas at the Moray terraces and marvel at the spectacular salt mines. Then we venture to Moray and open to the energy of the Pachamama. You will be awed by its expansiveness and intelligence of the Incas.

Afternoon and Evening Open for Private Sessions with Peru Shaman

Market with the Shamans

Peru Shamanic Healing Retreat | John Whitehorse

Day 6

Sunday, August 29th

Tipon “Temple of the waters” - Here we cleanse our Chakra system, and energy body in these ancient waters where royalty once did centuries ago. This Incan Citadel is a beautiful site of well-preserved Inca terracing, fountains and finely designed water channels.

Afternoon and Evening Open for Private Sessions with Peru Shaman

Market with the Shamans

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Day 7

Monday, August 30th

Morning visit to the to the Sacred site of Ollantaytambo, a massive Incan fortress with large stone terraces. This is a major site which includes the Sun Temple and the Princess Baths fountains. The nearby village’s old town is an Incan eragrid of cobblestone streets and adobe buildings.

Closing Fire Ceremony

Spiritual Retreat Peru | John Whitehorse

Day 8

Tuesday, August 31st

Explore the City Square, beautiful churches and Museums of Cusco. Colorful markets and authentic weavings are abundant in the city.

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Day 9-10

TBD Not included in the Tour

Optional Rainbow Mountain Tour

An additional two nights in Cusco and travel to Rainbow Mountain. (Plan on a 12 hour day) This is the second most visited site in Peru and was not available to tour until 2016.

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